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Providing over 40 years of Superior Electrical Engineering

Midwest Electrical Consultants (MEC) headquartered in Tinley Park, Illinois has been providing electrical equipment inspections, testing, repairs and maintenance since 1980. We offer complete testing, maintenance, engineering, and repair services for all makes of electrical distribution equipment. MEC is one of the few companies in the U.S. to specialize in testing and maintenance of electrical power distribution systems and equipment for industrial and commercial power users. MEC has worked with a variety of industries to establish reliable and safe procedures and standards. We are an independent testing company, not affiliated with any equipment manufacturers or suppliers. MEC had been a preferred distributor of Eaton/Innovative Technology since 1984.

At Midwest Electrical Consultants, Inc., the combined experience of our resident engineers spans over 100 years. During this time MEC has been serving corporate and industrial companies in identifying and solving their power quality problems: voltage, current, harmonics, grounding and transient voltage spike/surge issues. Founder Bruce W. Woyna and MEC engineers have been called upon by major commercial, residential, industrial, government and manufacturing clients across the Midwest and internationally; making MEC one of the World's foremost experts on the subject of power quality and Transient Voltage Spike and Surge Suppression. MEC engineers test, analyze and make recommendations about power quality issues that may affect businesses adversely.


Midwest Electrical Consultants

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