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Lawyers Mutual Insurance of Kentucky

A professional liability insurance company

Welcome to Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company of Kentucky (LMICK) – the only professional liability insurance company created by Kentucky lawyers for Kentucky lawyers and is dedicated to providing reliable malpractice insurance to Kentucky lawyers. By Kentucky Lawyers; For Kentucky Lawyers.

Since issuing its first policy in 1987, Lawyers Mutual has stayed true to its fundamental mission of assuring that Kentucky lawyers have available liability insurance at competitive rates, providing outstanding claims service, and supporting the Kentucky Bar with risk management information and CLE programs featuring ethics and malpractice prevention themes.

Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company of Kentucky understands lawyers’ risk management needs. Lawyers Mutual is led by a group of Kentucky lawyers committed to providing professional liability malpractice insurance for Kentucky lawyers.

As lawyers and as an insurance company comprised of lawyers, we know that many factors can affect your choice of malpractice insurance. Even if you think it may never happen to you, allegations of malpractice can happen to any lawyer from purely accidental behavior.


Lawyers Mutual Insurance of KY

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