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QuizEngine iOS XCode Template

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I prefer to learn from people who are a whole lot smarter than me. Why reinvent the wheel when you don't have to? Like many of you, I started a few earlier coding projects by purchasing a relatively "turn-key" template from another developer as a starting point. I find this approach is very beneficial for those new to iOS development as it really helps you see how other professionals in the industry are breaking down the particular production elements and structuring their code. A lot of advanced projects can seem very daunting at first when you don't know how to break it down into their respective elements and build it brick-by-brick.

Once I starting breaking apart that developer's code and seeing how it all went together, I saw places where I thought it needed improvement, or in some situtations features that I didn't think were needed at all. So from there I went about cleaning, modifying, adjusting, tweeking ... just like many of you will most likely do with the code that I have here ... in the never ending process of creating the better mousetrap.

What I created here is a beautifully designed, elegantly intuitive, highly customizable, iPhone and iPad compliant quizzing engine that can be quickly modified to create any number of text-based interactive multiple-choice quizes for both Corporate and Educational environments. There's no server side requirements. It's as easy as creating your own unique question sets (using the included JSON creation App), updating the neccesary parameters in the configuration file, and changing the appropriate quiz icons - then just recompile and your off! Use your new App as a training aid, interactive flash cards or create a great randomizing study tool. The feature set is simplified, which makes the customization easier and the user experience very clean.

Be sure to check out the QuizEngine available at Sellfy.com


  • Fire-tested on iOS version 8.0 - 9.3
  • An extremely flexible; text-based multiple-choice questions can have essentially any number of possible answers.
  • An easily editable configuration.plist file which requires only basic programming skills.
  • Includes a standalone JSON creation utility specifically created for this App.
  • Allows you to include virtually any number of question sets.
  • Designed for both portrait and landscape displays, on both iPhone and iPads.
  • Meets with Apple's UI Guidelines and Coding standards.

Want to see it in action? Check out the support site!


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